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The Alpaca Lifestyle

As I looked at our website, and realized how long it has been since we first owned alpacas, and how long it has been since this page was written, it occurred that it might be time to update it. After reading it, however, I realized everything that was said at that time, and the absolute pleasure that we have in owning alpacas, and how we got started (and I got "gently shoved" in the decision to own them), has not really changed, with one exception.

That exception is the "gentle shove" that I received from Michael, that we might need more space if we wanted to own more alpacas. Never had the thought of moving from our beautiful High Meadow in Brentwood entered my mind.

The only prerequisite for my full fledged support, support, was that we find as beautiful a location with the views as beautiful as what we had. Thinking that was not possible, the impossible happened. We now have 150 acres in "beautiful" Leipers Fork, 30 minutes south of  Nashville! And the wonderful thing is that we have plenty of space for all the alpacas and other critters that have found homes at High Meadow.  And the reasons for falling in love with alpacas have never changed.

So the continuation of Alpaca Lifestyles is below! (The only other significant changes are the hundreds of new names that now live at High Meadow Alpacas. Names such as Pulitzer, Grindstone, Jay Gatsby, Winston, Cinderella, Li'l Cabbage, Clementine, Saracen, Jordan, Giglet, Rebel Yell, Pistachio, Dad's Dorita, Show Girl, Lucky Lady, Chance and Baby White. Just to name a few!!!

Landon Way says,
Landon Way says, "Giddy-Up"

When Michael started wanting to “raise alpacas”, I was the one not excited. Not because I would not love or enjoy these adorable animals, but because at this time in our lives, I wanted to try and find “spare time” for other things. But when he asked me a simple question, “Am I correct that you are against something that will lower my blood pressure, give me pleasure, and lengthen my life?” What do you think my answer was?

And I am excited that “he knew best”. Our lifestyle has changed. It is a pure pleasure for both of us to leave our offices and the financial markets to come home to High Meadow Alpacas. It is a labor of love, to do the chores that are needed, and the vet work, and the hugging and loving each of our alpacas. (And all the other animals that live at High Meadow, from the horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, swans, geese, ducks, and otters who are in the process of being relocated to a new home.)

Each of our alpacas has a special personality. When Casanova sees us coming, he comes flying. China Doll wants to put her cheek next to ours, and if someone stops to talk, she lays down next to us, to wait. And there is Beethoven who just wants to kiss, and Isabel who wants to tell you what she did today. And Timoteo Samson who struts when we go for walks and he has on his halter. And Scout and Brandee who were so shy when they came to live with us, wait patiently for their special time and hugs. Michael and I feel blessed to have the responsibility for these wonderful creatures.

Michael has been teaching the babies to play soccer. When he throws the ball, they all go running after it, surround it, push it, roll it, and then wait for the next throw.

And until you have seen “dancing at dusk” (pronking) when even the older girls and boys get in on the act, you haven’t experienced pure undiluted pleasure. They all seem to glide as all four feet leave the ground, and they make loops around the pasture, in the cool of the evening.

These are just some of the wonderful things that have happened to us now that we have the “Lifestyle of Alpaca Owners”. Plus the silly grin that all alpaca folks seem to have and the never ending supply of pictures to share with anyone who makes eye contact.

(And Michael’s blood pressure is down, he is happy, and planning to live longer.)


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