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Shows and Awards

At Highmeadow Alpacas we pride ourselves on the quality of our beautiful animals.  Below are pictures of some of our alpacas with their awards at recent shows. Our beauties have won over 1200 show ribbons in the past ten years, validating the success of our breeding program. And these were at some of the largest and most competitive shows in the country.


MFI Peruvian Navarone
MFI Peruvian Navarone sells for $61,000!!

Chance wins another Grand Championship!

Jamie and Jose Cuervo

Charlotte and MFI Magnesia


Dessert stands out wherever she goes. She won a First Place and Championship when she was shown. But the really wonderful part is that she now has cria that are already to going to shows and carrying on the tradition. Souffle has already taken her own Blue Ribbons and will be at the 2010 Southern Select.

Saracen continually keeps taking Blue Ribbons and Championships. In his last three shows, (2006 AOBA National Conference, 2006 MOPACA Invitational, and 2006 Southern Select), he took, in order, Grand Champion & First Place, Grand Champion & First Place, and First Place!! He is a pleasure to watch with a Championship attitude.


Don Quixote

Annabelle gets one more blue ribbon before retiring to become a full time mom. (After the show she was bred to MFI Black Mesquite and expecting her first baby .)

Empress has been a consistent Show winner (as was both her Dam and Sire and full brother Emperor. She has a full brother Napolean who is just starting his show career.) After her last show, and her championship, she retired to be a full time Mom. She had her first cria, a beautiful grey girl, just like her in early January. We are excited and feel sure that this is another champion-in-waiting, for the Timoteo Samson line.


Don Quixote

Don Quixote did well at his first Show. He took a Championship! When he was born, Charlotte had to assist, and her first comment was "This is my next Show Boy." He was amazing from the beginning.



A celebration of a wonderful event and year.

Jake, Michael, and Charlotte celebrate the purchase of their fourth beauty at the 2003 Breeder's Choice Auction

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