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Health Care

The healthcare of the animals that live at High Meadow is extremely important to us. We want all our animals to be at the peak of health and spare no time or expense to try and have the best opportunies for this to happen.

We are very fortunate to have had Dr. Norm Evans, one of the leading experts on camelids, set upand consult on our healthcare program  from the beginning of our program.

He monitored all the High Meadow alpacas and guard llamas care on a regular basis, both through phone conversations and regularly scheduled visits. He has helped us set up our Vet room with microscopes, blood centrifuge, and other needed equipment, and trained us in their use. He is responsible for their nutrition program and sets up the feed requirements that is made up for them. He consults with us as needed as well as with our local veterinarian care from Tennessee Equine.

Jake and Dr. Evans using High Meadow’s Vet Room.

Also important to our healthcare program is our local veterinarian, Dr. Matt Povolich, who is experienced with camelids and Dr. Monty McInturff.  They are regular visitors, as are their associates,  to High Meadow  Alpacas to make sure that all is well with our herd and for any special needs.

Derrick nursing Warrior

Charlotte and other members of High Meadow Alpaca staff have attended classes on camelid healthcare issues offered by Dr. Evans, Dr. David Anderson of Ohio State University, and Dr. LaRue Johnson, of Colorado State, Dr. Toni Cotten, Steve Hull, and Dr. Roy Purdy, formerly with Auburn. And they continue to do so at every opportunity. The staff of High Meadow Alpacas has also attended classes offered by the SeAA in Neonatal by Dr. Toni Cotton, as  well as others. Dr. Evans has seen that all High Meadow Alpaca staff understand what we are doing and are prepared, should they be the ones on call and our local Veterinarians are a phone call away.

Trips have been made to the University of Tennessee Veterinary Hospital when needed for emergencies (which we try to avoid.) (You should have seen the expressions of other drivers, when you pull up to get gas and Mojo is sitting in  the back of the Jeep wrapped in Michael’s favorite comforter, because Charlotte didn’t want him to get cold the winter he was sick.)

We only eat Norm Evans Feed!!!
We only eat Norm Evans Food.

Because of the experience and training we have had as well as that of our staff and the availability of our Medical Experts, we are able to do all of our own drawing of blood and spinning, most of the inoculations, fecals, IgGs, ultrasounds, and other needed procedures.

This gives us a full service Vet Program and Vet Care for our animals as well as for our clients (who have access to us by phone calls or emails on veterinary care.)

Blood panels are drawn on a regular basis to check all our animals hoping that nothing is askew, but makes us able to identify a potential problem before it becomes one. We ultrasound on a regular basis. This is done not just to confirm pregnancies, but to make sure that moms who have delivered have no problems before getting pregnant again and that maidens are mature enough to become pregnant.

Nutrition is a large part of our program and we can see the results in all our animals from this. We feed Dr. Evans feed and Fiber Nutrients to all alpacas and guard llamas, whether the boy is destined to be a gelding, or the one that is a top show animal. Even the guard llamas, get the same care.

Our priorities at High Meadow Alpacas always place “Good Health” at the top of the list.


David holds Adina while Jake draws blood. An example of a problem avoided. Charlotte saw her acting strange. (To the normal eye she was just standing still.) We discovered she had a low calcium/phosphorus count, which was easily corrected. Had it not been caught in the early stages, there could have been a problem.

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