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Michael and Charlotte Goldston started High Meadow Alpacas in 2001, with an initial purchase of 15 alpacas from Colorado and three guard llamas.
Their goal was to start with the best quality they could afford, but to improve the farm's bloodlines over time by always breeding to the highest quality stud they could find. They also wanted to contribute to the growth and success of the alpaca industry by participating in shows, including being a donating sponsor, and also being involved by serving on industry committees.

Michael served on several of the AOBA National Committees, including: one of six members of GIRCOM, the national Government Industry and Relations Committee (serving for 5 years) , that acted as the pseudo "think tank" for AOBA, lobbing for pro-alpaca projects including the successful naming of alpacas to be livestock instead of exotic pets ; AOBA Nominating Committee to locate Board of Director candidates; and Special Election Coordinator. In addition, he served for five years as the Marketing/Public Relations Manager for the Southeastern Alpaca Association (SEAA), encouraging alpaca industry growth in the Southeast. 

Charlotte was a Director of  the SEAA for eight years and headed up the fund raising efforts in the Southeast to raise funds to support several veterinary schools and research programs. Her Silent Auctions and Herd Sire Auctions became legendary, and she raised over $100,000 for alpacas, more than any association in the U.S. In fact, her success resulted in an offer to head up the national fund raising efforts for the alpaca industry.

Charlotte  started the High Meadow Alpaca Boutique, with stores in Leipers Fork and at the Farm.  This has now been consolidated at the Farm and on the High Meadow Alpaca Boutique Website, where there is much interest in alpaca products, from yarns to other alpaca merchandise.

Charlotte and Michael have hosted several Farm Events at High Meadow Alpacas with Dr. Norm Evans at no cost to further educate and offer Continuing Education Credits to Southeast Alpaca Owners and Veterinarians. They had benefits to helped raise money for the Llama and Alpaca rescue organization.  High Meadow Alpacas has been available and offered boarding and care for farms who have had problems, with natural disasters or other catastrophes.

High Meadow Alpacas and the Goldstons have received significant national exposure from television coverage  to industry ads promoting the alpaca industry. To name but a few; Michael was interviewed and used in a national ad for John Deere Co.;  he was also the guest on "Tennessee Crossroads" representing the alpaca industry; numerous local television spots;  both Michael and Charlotte were promoted on national TV ads for the industry; local and regional newspapers and television; even a music album.

Marsha Bennett is our "girl Friday" who oversees the alpaca product inventory and maintenance, as well as many of the office functions, scheduling for appointments and set ups for events. Lupe Ramirez and his staff tirelessly makes sure our pastures are clean and safe,  day to day care, as well as the feeding and handling of the alpacas; Diana St. Onge oversees the healthcare and keeps the healthcare records, has birthing duties, and spoils all the alpacas terribly!

Two of our much loved employees/friends passed away in the last four years, including Marilyn Welsh, our fleece expert and office manager. Marilyn tirelessly participated in alpaca shows and fleece evaluation, and always had an enthusiastic smile on her face and a willingness to help the industry. Her passing left a big hole in our management team (as well as in our hearts). Perry White , Charlotte's father, usually accompanied us to shows , wearing his High Meadow gear, and owned several alpacas himself.  His love for  HMA and us is also missed and he remains a strong contributing factor to our success.


Marilyn is hard at work on shearing day!

Marilyn is hard at work on shearing day!

Boys out for a walk.


For additional information contact :

Michael & Charlotte Goldston
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